Painting Everyday London: 13 Camden Town Group

I really love the dark palette being used and the element of social realism. Manson is an interesting and somewhat controversial figure due for a revival, reminiscent in this manner to the poetry of Walter de la Mare but not so romantic.

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Over the last three months, I have surveyed the paintings of those artists who, in 1911, were elected members of the Camden Town Group. This article draws the series to a close by gathering those works made by the group’s members between 1910 and 1913, when the group merged into the newly formed London Group.

Here I exclude those members who consistently painted themes in styles which were outside Walter Sickert’s repeated intent of depicting everyday London. I also, more reluctantly, exclude the Fauvist works of Spencer Gore when he was living in Letchworth in 1912, on the same basis. My aim here is to form a coherent overview of the group’s themes and style, which has been difficult when examining the work of individuals. Sadly, for copyright reasons, I can’t feature any paintings by Charles Ginner and Duncan Grant, and some others.

Views of Everyday London

By Sickert’s admission…

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