Sketching near Oban, Argyle and Bute, Scotland

This must have been a brilliant adventure! My parents were in Oban during the war where my father was an aircraft fitter making modifications to Bristol Beaufighters and Blenheims. Fortunately, your trip was much more peaceful!

Jane Sketching

Every year the Lady of Avenel needs a refit to prepare her for her working season. The Lady of Avenel is an 102ft square rigged brigantine, currently based near Oban, on the west coast of Scotland. This year I went up there to join the working party for the refit.

I travelled by overnight train from Euston to Crianlarach.

Journey via the Caledonian Sleeper from London to Oban. Map from the Caledonian Sleeper webpage. The overnight journey takes about 10 hours Euston-Crianlarach. Then I caught a local train Crianlarach to Oban.

I drew some sketches on the journey.

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