Summer Reading Suggestions

Looks like a useful list of recommendations. I think I would turn to The Sea Gate first for local reasons!

Gina Buonaguro

Any chance you’re making summer travel plans? International, local, or just with a lemonade in the backyard, you’ll need something to read, right? Here are books I’ve read over the last nine months and would highly recommend to keep your brain engaged and traveling, even if you don’t set foot outside your hometown.

The best place to read is with your cat at your side

The Admiral’s Wife by M.K. Tod – This book is just really good historical fiction, a page turner I could not put down. I learned about an era and culture I knew almost nothing about (early 20th century Hong Kong), and it was woven so well with the modern day story. The author did a wonderful job with the plot, the history, the emotions, the family dynamics, and the nuance. (Not to mention that I did a presentation with Mary this winter, and she’s…

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