Decolonising a Blog… a work in progress #2: Learning about the emergence of Indigenous life writing

Very interesting from many viewpoints, not least diversity.

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Cultural warning to Indigenous readers: This post contains the names of people who have passed away, and uses some terminology which may offend.

This time last year, for Indigenous Literature Week 2021,  I was pleased to host a guest review by Margaret (Meg) Broughton, of Margaret Tucker’s If Everyone Cared (1977).  This year, I read it myself, and share Meg’s opinion that it’s a fascinating story of an outstanding woman who was one of Australia’s earliest female Aboriginal activists in the 20th century.  It’s not just an important life story—a significant first-hand account of Stolen Generations policy—it’s also interesting to explore how this book published nearly half a century ago, fits into the literary history of First Nations in Australia.  This is what I have focussed on, so I recommend reading Meg’s review first, for her insights into Margaret Tucker’s life story.

Please note that I am not a scholar…

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