Three Steps in Drawing

Trace Elements

drawing after Cezanne’s Apples & Oranges, 1899, at the Musee d”Orsay

Choose an artist whose work you admire deeply. This is Step One. Find a specific picture that is a favorite and copy some part of it. If you can find a detail in a book or on the internet, you can focus your attention on a manageable portion of the picture. I chose a detail that includes several apples, but I think I might focus on just one apple later today… because I’m in a Cezanne mood and individual Cezanne apples are deep.

Step Two involves taking chances. Here the apples are circles. Considerable time passed before I noticed that Cezanne apples are not apple shaped. They’re more Platonic. They are beautiful renditions of a kind of ideal roundness with beautiful gradations of red and yellow. So you can put the apples where you think they go. And if…

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