Paintings of William Shakespeare’s Plays 8: A Midsummer Night’s Dream 2

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In the first of these two articles showing paintings of the first act of this play, the fairies attending Titania had just sung her to sleep, allowing Oberon to drop the herbal juice onto her eyelids, which would make her fall in love with the first creature she saw when she woke up.

daddtitaniasleeping Richard Dadd (1817–1886), Titania Sleeping (c 1841), oil on canvas, 59.7 x 77.5 cm, Private collection. Wikimedia Commons.

Richard Dadd’s Titania Sleeping from about 1841 is another elaborate example of faery painting with its intricately detailed human-like creatures. The naked queen has just fallen asleep at the mouth of a grotto. Framing that scene are toadstools, morning glory flowers, and an arch of bats.

huskissonmidsummernight Robert Huskisson (1820-1861), The Midsummer Night’s Fairies (1847), oil on mahogany, 28.9 x 34.3 cm, The Tate Gallery (Purchased 1974), London. © The Tate Gallery and Photographic Rights © Tate (2017), CC-BY-NC-ND 3.0…

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