Scenes from Raphael in Rome

Raphael, an inspiration to artists everywhere!

Gina Buonaguro

When I went to Rome last month (yes, it was HOT), I was able to pay homage to Raphael, more than 500 years after his death in 1520.

One of my biggest joys was finally visiting the Villa Farnesina in Trastevere, where my favorite Raphael painting is located. I had to walk there because there was a two-day taxi strike in Rome and no easy way to get there on transit from my hotel. Finally I was rewarded with this street name after crossing the Tiber:

Walking along the Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio. I wish I could say it was pristinely maintained, but it was sadly dirty and busy.

The Villa Farnesina, built in the early 16th century by Sienese banker Agostino Chigi, is tucked just off the Lungotevere Raffaello Sanzio and is a quiet and verdant oasis, although the gardens were unfortunately closed off.

A view from one of…

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