Four Mini Book Reviews

I miss Berlin and Schöneberg in particular;Isherwood territory but interesting in many other ways.

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I’ve been on holiday in Berlin for a week, and I’m catching up with my 20 books of summer posts before I head off again for a few nights: these were books 9, 10, 11 and 12 of my 20, all by UK authors. I’ve gone off-grid a bit from my original list of 20 books.

Mr Norris Changes Trains by Christopher Isherwood.

I felt I needed to read this 1930s, Berlin-set novel, given our last-minute trip to Berlin. It’s a pacy, often funny novel (“I must have been already drunk when I arrived at the Troika, because I remember getting a shock when I looked into the cloakroom mirror and found that I was wearing a false nose”), which takes a darker and more sinister turn. The implacable William Bradshaw, who is loosely based on the author himself (who lived in the city as an English teacher and sometime…

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