Warm Colors

I like the warm jazzy feel of this. “Making it up out of thin air” is interesting and close to the concept of free association and can convey emotional states like a dream.

Trace Elements

another portion of a “concertina” picture

In the previous post I mentioned playing around with a “concertina” art journal project that I learned about from a Betty Franks Youtube video. The picture here is another section of my version of this project. It struck me while watching Franks’s video that these panels (which can be arranged in different combinations) provide ways of trying different ideas for composition. These could be abstract, decorative compositions. Or, they could (in some cases) apply to inventions of naturalistic looking pictures — mostly in the realm of landscape.

I like to try out different color combinations. I wasn’t being particularly clever with this image. (I’m still getting used to the whole business of making things up out of thin air.) However, I did have the sense that for this section I would use yellows just to be using the color.

These pictures made using neocolor…

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