George Clausen: Brown Eyes (1891)

Cookham of course is Stanley Spencer territory so to speak. Lovely delicate paintings.

At Sunnyside - Where Truth and Beauty Meet

Brown Eyes, 1891, by George Clausen, Oil on canvas, H 55.9 x W 41.3 cm, Presented by C. N. Luxmoore 1929, Tate Britain, Image Source: ArtUK

“Clausen studied in France and painted open-air ‘rural naturalist’ subjects in an impressionist style. In 1886 he helped to found the New English Art Club as an alternative exhibition venue to the Royal Academy. This is a portrait of a local girl from the village of Cookham in Berkshire, where the artist was living. The delicate play of light across the model’s features, together with the flicked brushwork in the background, suggest both the freshness and transience of youth.”

Tate Britain

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