Doughboy & Other Poems

I’ve been reading “The Wasteland” recently so rather interested in decadence and pastiche.

Courtenay's Corner

Author’s Note:I lost out on $300 with these poems as the place I sent them to didn’t want them. Due to current sickness, I don’t have the energy to be told no, so I know my audience will appreciate them. Cento poems are made up of lines from another poem or piece of media. I have cited the source(s) beneath each poem.


A tooth next to a bird, scrunching
paper flowers, kneading and folding.

I wore my best crimson velvet.
I boiled over a tiny alcohol stove.

Let my heart be still and ghastly grim.
Upon the sinking, I clasp a maiden.

Of black despair, I know the Eunuch.
I like you cold as the sky, gouged out.

Sources: Tiny Moons by Nina Mingya Powles, The Dry Heart by Natalia Ginzburg, The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe, & 4:48 Psychosis by Sarah Kane


He was part…

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