#2023 French Reading Challenge

Your French is much better than mine. I wish I could read so easily. I’m currently reading an excellent account by Helen Rappaport of Russians in Exile in Paris. It is called “After the Romanovs” and is both moving and well written.


  1. I know many people are NOT interested in French books
  2. ..but I plan to make a TBR 2023 with at least
  3. 50% of my books in French because I love this language!

Planning:  classics

  1. Thérèse Raquin – E. Zola 
  2. Le Vice Consul – M. Duras – READING
  3. Lucien Leuwen – Stendhal
  4. Bouvard et Pécuchet – G. Flaubert 
  5. Le Capitaine Fracasse – T. Gautier
  6. Une mort très douce – S. de Beauvoir
  7. L’amant – Marguerite Duras
  8. La peur – Gabriel Chevallier
  9. Les Caves du Vatican – A. Gide Nobel Prize
  10. Les Thibault (vol. 1) – Roger Martin du Gard  Nobel Prize
  11. L’étranger – A. CamusNobel Prize
  12. Dora Bruder – P. ModianoNobel Prize
  13. Les mots – Jean-Paul Sartre Nobel Prize
  14. Le Baiser au lépreux – F. Mauriac Nobel Prize
  15. Le Chercheur d’or – J.M.G. Le ClézoiNobel Prize
  16. Pierre et Luce – R. RollandNobel Prize
  17. Boule de…

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