#Novella Marguerite Duras

According to Amazon Fr-“This novel most resembles a deck of cards, which Duras strives to mix according to his inspiration of the moment, even if it means sometimes misplacing a few cards. The effect is interesting, even disturbing.”



Le Vice-consul by Marguerite Durasby Marguerite DurasMarguerite Duras

Finish date: 02 January 2023
Genre: novella
Rating: F-
Review: Le vise-consul (ISBN: 9782070298440)

Good news: I finished it…by pure determination. I will  NOT be defeated by the first book of the year!

Bad news: This is a very strange book…I needed to read a summary of it after 2 chapters. I felt like I was in a maze…no direction…no real plot…where is this going?
Having finished the book I realised that Duras describes 2 main characters who are lost…just lost in Calcutta for different reasons. Their narratives are intertwined but Duras manages never to tell the reader why! Everything is left to “sous-entendu” (innuendo).

Bad news: The wife of ambassador of Calcutta, Anna, hates India because it’s hot. It is also about a man “Le vice-consul” of Lahore who feels that he is entitled to sleep with her… since she will sleep with anyone. She…

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