The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara by David I. Kertzer

Sounds like a deeply significant and informative read.

May Contain Spoilers

A Jewish family sits together peacefully in their home. It is an ordinary night. After dinner. Mother, father, six children, the oldest still under ten years.

Suddenly, agents of the Inquisition are at the door, there to take away Edgardo, age six, claiming he was secretly baptized by one of the family servants, therefore a Christian, therefore in need of Christian parents. The panicked family try to stop this, to save their young son, but there is nothing they can do. The inquisitors take him away starting a year’s long legal battle that will end with the fall of the Papel States.

They never get their son back.

The year is 1858!!!

What shocked me about this story was the year it took place. I expected this to be a story about the middle ages, but 1858 is modern times. Post Enlightenment. Post Industrial Revolution.

Turns out this is not…

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