the shape my thoughts take

Some great sketches here!

Trace Elements

Honey bottle and pepper tin by Aletha Kuschan, pencil on a page of an old calendar journal, 6.25x5.5 inches. Finished version.  Dutch Gold Wildflower honey and Pimenton de la vera pepper
Dutch Gold Honey bottle and Pimenton de la vera tin, pencil in an old calendar journal, pencil, 6.25×5.5 inches (image size)

Pierre Bonnard taught me how to like the shape my thoughts take. Well, actually I already liked the shapes my thoughts took (at least some of the time) even before I had ever heard of Bonnard but using the great old painter’s name lends a tincture of authority to the claims that follow. Or at least I think it does…. (Do others love Bonnard as much as I do?) Does the general public love this man who drew like someone who is talking to himself?

If you like the shapes your thoughts take or are willing to let thoughts take what shape they will, then drawing becomes a very different game. You can go deeper and deeper into a subject, despite “mistakes,” adding more and more visual information or

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Thanks for the reblog! I’m so glad that you like the drawings. They were very fun to make, and I’m doing more similar, small drawings. I hope the drawings inspire others to use the tools of art to ponder the things they see.

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