A Visit to Bonnard’s Garden

Very lovely painting.

At Sunnyside - Where Truth and Beauty Meet

Pierre Bonnard, The Garden, 1945, Oil on canvas, 63.5 x 53 cm, Rights: © Saint-Claude, musée de l’Abbaye / / photo : Jean-Marc Baudet, Image Source: Google Arts and Culture

“At the turn of the century, Bonnard rediscovered nature and colour, after the muted tones and the urban scenes of his Nabi years. He stayed more and more often outside Paris, in the Seine Valley and in the South of France. Impressionism inspired him, but he wanted to go beyond its direct translation of nature. Colour, according to him, should be a means of expression above all.

In August 1912, he bought La Roulotte in Vernonnet, a district of Vernon located just five kilometres from Giverny. The house was modest, as its name, which means a horse-drawn caravan, suggests. It overlooked a large and luscious garden that descended to the Seine. Bonnard painted the views from the terrace and the…

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