5 Powerful Quotes About Wisdom To Help You Through Life. By Dr Linda Berman.

I have to say with regard to Rilke and Proust both brilliant writers well worth reading but unfortunately not exactly happy bunnies!


imageHeart – Peter Max. Wikioo

“A loving heart is the truest wisdom.”

Charles Dickens

Dickens’ words are eternally relevant, in that they remind us of that fact that wisdom is very close to love. Why is this?

There needs to be a large presence of wisdom when we love, in order for us to have a constructive relationship. Lack of wisdom, making the wrong decisions or being unkind, will spoil a relationship. Love is about understanding another person, and we need to be wise in order to do that.

With wisdom and love, we will have balance in our lives- the balance between thought and feeling. This means that our emotions will be checked and controlled by our wisdom, so that we do not ruin our lives and relationships.

Having ‘a loving heart’ means that we will be kind, caring and thoughtful. Those are wise things to be…

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