Blink 48: The Whale (2023), by Aronofsky

The Gaze In Writing

Strong experience, a disturbing and surreal one.

Before the movie started, I had a look around me. EVERYONE was holding huge packs of chips, popcorn and drinks. It was noisy.

I thought, it will stop as the movie starts. It didn’t.

The guy close to me, in order to pack as many chips as possible in his mouth, was moving his harm toward me as if it was perfectly choreographed (to disappoint).

It was not beautiful. Not a sign of caring either.

Despite (or thanks to…) these distractions, and eating practices of my fellow neighbors… (as if there was no tomorrow), I could sense the power of buried emotions.

In others, Charlie, and myself.

The last scenes of the movie have been therapeutic.

This movie made me cry.

Unexpressed emotions will never die.They are buried alive and will come forth later in uglier ways.”


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By penwithlit

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