twin drawings

Some attractive works here!

Trace Elements

Blue Compotier Still Life No 1 by Aletha Kuschan, neopastel on pastel paper with additional reworkings.
Blue Compotier Still life, neopastel on pastel paper, with additional reworkings begun, work in progress.

I have begun to rework various drawings that I have lately found in storage. Most of the drawings were studies and were never finished for that reason. To finish the drawings now means getting ideas from memory and imagination since the still life set ups are long gone, though in some cases certain still life objects are still in the room with me, available to consult. This drawing is particularly odd in its having a twin. For some reason I made two drawings of the same motif and didn’t finish either one. They appear on same sized sheets and the subjects are very similar. So I have decided to use one to suggest ways of working on the other. Whatever information the one drawing has gets copied to its twin. Then the first reworked drawing…

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