Tree Following, December 2022

Great song….from The Thomas Crown Affair. Great photos too!!

Amblings around Penwith

Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) in Penlee Park, Penzance

Just a week or so has made a lot of difference to the leaf cover. The leaves went a lovely golden colour before swooping down to the ground.

The first picture is at the end of November, the second is dated 10th December. The cold winds we have had here have done their work.

Some more sheltered leaves lingered longer. On the ground, the leaf litter is mixed oak and chestnut.

The colour of the chestnut leaves on the ground is – well, a rich chestnut.

Brief interlude for some song lyrics:

When you knew that it was over you were suddenly aware
That the autumn leaves were turning to the colour of her hair

From Noel Harrisons’ Windmills of Your Mind from 1969.

If you are too young to know it, here’s a You Tube link:


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