Echo Chambers: How To Avoid Becoming Trapped in Them. By Dr Linda Berman.

Interesting and thought provoking. I would suggest that it might be useful to distinguish between different forms of what we call “thinking”. Ruminations as the word suggests if you look into the etymology suggests an unproductive digestion of feelings which may become stuck or obsessive. Creative thinking as you suggest may well involve challenging basic norms and assumptions which we may have held from early childhood. It might well involve the courage to become a whistleblower and to speak out. I am currently reading Adam Phillips “On Wanting to Change”-he writes well and with subtlety.

imageEcho Chamber of the Dresden University of Technology. Author: Henry Mühlpfordt. Wikimedia Commons.

  • What Is An Echo Chamber?

Here’s the Merriam-Webster Dictionary’s definition:

“Echo chamber:
nouna room with sound-reflecting walls used for producing hollow or echoing sound effects —often used figuratively:
“Living in a kind of echo chamber of their own opinions, they pay attention to information that fits their conclusions and ignore information that does not.””
James Surowiecki

Surowiecki’s words accurately explain the symbolic meaning of the phrase ‘echo chamber.’  It can refer to individuals or groups of people. Some people have rigid views and they totally block out anything that challenges these views. Their own ideas constantly reverberate in their heads, obliterating doubt and swiftly rejecting any challenge to their fixed ways of thinking.


The Challenge of Living – Georges Rouault. Wikioo.

Thinking in the same ways as other people can sometimes be creative and constructive…

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