Wir stoppen uns jetzt! Aber heute im Wein

What an amazing place! imageRecovering from the cost of a taxi from the airort I was amazed at the amount of industry-the light colour and the cleanliness of the scene into Vienna. Travelling around the city was veryeasy with U-bahn and strassenbahn and bus. The U-bahn gehen ueber, nichts unter. Most impressive are the massive wooden doors that form the entry to the U-bahn and most other large buildings.
After a brief wander around and past the Natural History Museum, I came across a lovely rising winding street and smaller gasse. imageI discovered what looked like a bohemian student bar -Kafka’s Bar.image The Linselsuppe here was much the best value that I have discovered here on the first day. Then around another few corners opposite the Meerhaus, a lovely cafe-bar opposite in the late afternoon sunshine. Cappucino and crepes with honey and bananas and I felt I had already found my indulgent Vienna. A few steps later the social conditions, the dachtlos, influx of migrants from the East and people sleeping in doorways around the church showed another side of life here.image


3 thoughts on “Wir stoppen uns jetzt! Aber heute im Wein

  1. saetzebirgit says:

    Interesting and funny to read, how a traveller looks on Vienna. Thank you very much! Just one question: I didn`t understand “dachtlos”? Do you mean the homeless? This is written “obdachlos”.

    • penwithlit says:

      Yes indeed. My German is only slowly improving and totally useless when talking to folk who have heavy Wienerisch accents! However, I did enjoy listening to Willi Restarits! I should also have written “airport” but like the Ort part as a kind of Denglisch!

      Liked Wien a lot and have since read George Clare (Klaar) -Last Waltz in Vienna. His book on Berlin 1946-47 has just arrived today. I am currently reading James Joyce – Dublin stories in zweisprache DTV. Very interesting from a language point of view. Maybe I should visit Trieste!!

      • saetzebirgit says:

        Übung macht den Meister: Es ist gut, wenn Du in Deine Beiträge deutsche Wörter einbringst, nur so – durch Praktizieren – wächst man in eine Sprache hinein. By the way: I just speak Denglish or broken english, because I had no practice the last ten years.
        But Wienerisch isn`t really german 🙂 George Clare kenne ich nicht, ein anderes Wien-Buch kennst Du vielleicht: Der dritte Mann (The third man) by Graham Greene. Trieste lohnt einen Besuch immer – auf Spuren von Joyce und Italo Svevo! Viele Grüße!

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