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Exploring Museums Quartier Wien -Egon Schiele usw

imageNot difficult to find in Vienna – it’s just after the parliament building and turn through the archway-simple and effective method for getting tickets and free WC if you ask at the desk. DSCN0571Brilliant wi-fi connection in the middle of the MQ and nice cappucino at the inside cafe. Have just been investigating service of EE in a T-mobile shop, the only place where I have to queue. imageApparently although capitalism may be international, the service to people is not. Perhaps this explains the why mobile phone producers produce a isolated and insular service that the Tory Party and UKIP would be proud?
Nothing prepares you for the size and vivid colour of the Schiele paintings. He produced some 170 self-portraits. Thecomposition and vitality of the collection is quite amazing. It was the great flu epidemic that curtailed the life of this highly prolific painter at the age of just 28. Add to these the drawings currently on show downstairs, the Klimt and other Austrian painters, you will have no difficulty in looking around for a minimum of four hours.image

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