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Two Painters from Vienna and Bohemia- Sergius Pauser and Josef Dobrowsky

_sergius_pauser_86I came across this lovely painting by Sergius Pauser in the Leopold Museum in Vienna. Mädchen vor dem Spiegel was painted in 1931 and Öl auf Leinwand, 92×73 cm, so oil on linen. The limited range of colour, the tone and the style, that is to say, The New Objectivity (in German: Neue Sachlichkeit), along with the model’s expression give this painting an attractive and contemplative feeling. The subject is, of course, a common one for artists including Lovis Corinth (1918) and famously Picasso (1932). It is also similarly the subject of the self-portrait by Zenadia Serebryakova as mentioned in my earlier posting Other paintings by Pauser will be found at

Quoting from the above link, this passage is of considerable interest,”The writer Thomas Bernhard (1931-1989) wrote of Pauser: “Sergius Pauser uttered thoughts about people – Adalbert Stifter, for example – that I have never heard before or since; he succeeded in revealing the most concealed corners of poetic sensitivity; he was a tender and vigilant diviner on the landscape of world literature, a philosopher and an artist through and through.” And yet a painter like Sergius Pauser is barely known today; only a few of his works hang in Austrian galleries and many of his paintings cannot be traced due to the emigration of their owners.”

Pauser was considered unreliable by the Nazis and had a tough time as recorded by“In seiner Monographie berichtet Rupert Feuchtmüller (S. 22), dass Sergius Pauser im Herbst 1944 mit fünftausend sogenannten „Politisch Unzuverlässigen“ in ein Schanz-Lager bei Radkersburg gebracht wurde. Der Schauspieler Curd Jürgens, der auch bei diesem Transport war, schreibt über diese Zeit: „… Ich weiß, dass Sergius sowohl als auch Boeckl … recht viel Unangenehmes durchmachen mussten, da die SA-Bewacher mehr und mehr die Nerven verloren und dies an den Gefangenen ausließen.“ (Curd Jürgens in seinen „Erinnerungen“, Autobiographischer Roman, Droemer Knaur Verlag 1976)”

Here are three more paintings by Pauser that appeal to me. Amerikanerin 1948,

Luis Trenker mit Kamera, 1938
Luis Trenker mit Kamera, 1938

has an appealing delicacy and an optimistic and conversational appeal. The hardboard realism of Luis Trenker mit Kamera, 1938,Mischtechnik auf Hartplatte from an earlier period reminds me of a favourite painter, Christian Schad. I cannot find a colour image for Mädchen mit rotem Hut, 1942 Agathe Prinzessin von Ratibor but am intrigued to find that she was a Princess of a Polish town called Racibórz in Polish but very close to the Czech border and called Ratiboř.2010-07-12-18-06-00_wv_387_gallery_sergius_pauser




Josef Dobrowsky (* 22. September 1889 in Karlsbad, Böhmen; † 9. Januar 1964 in Tullnerbach) was a painter who worked in Vienna with Pauser and his work is currently on display as “Perception and Colour” in the Upper Belvedere—wahrnehmung-und-farbe-e152593



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