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Floating colours, Krowji and Pink Trees

Kerry Harding’s soft and evocative canvases take the natural world around the North

Kerry Harding at work in her studio at Krowji
Kerry Harding at work in her studio at Krowji

Coast with it’s trees, hedges and seasonal variations as a starting point. Her website may be found at Kerry was very interesting on the topic of the famous Dresden artist, Gerhard Richter mentioning his process, his photographic work and his continuous experimentation using a wide variety of methods and sometimes controversial subject matter. She also mentioned his ability to work on different projects simultaneously. She worked very hard to create a welcoming atmosphere in her space- as she says on Twitter, “studio almost ready, tinsel and fairy lights then its done.” A lovely KH 1range of paintings that I found so interesting that IKH 4 came back to browse them for a second time. It was also informative to hear how some canvases were composed of many underpaintings-up to ten or more layers.

Kathryn Stevens,, clearly rejoices in the freedom of working on a large scale. The billowing colours of her canvases express the joy of painting in bright colours. Some of them have a feathery and eloquent quality that puts one in mind of Georgia KS 1O’Keeffe (or perhaps Otto Gottlieb) but here we have an abstract expressionism with an upbeat and optimistic feel. She told me how she works freely, sometimes with music and chatted with the same exuberance that her work conveys. I was particularly taken by a study in

Kathryn Stevens's studio
Kathryn Stevens’s studio

crimson, scarlet and white. She hails from St Ives and her paintings exhibit the wondrous light for which the town has become famous.

In short there was much to add cheer on a cold Sunday. It was good to see the Siobhan Purdy’s work again- which adorns the wall opposite as I write, the Mexican and Maya themed prints in the Apex space and to talk again with Naomi Singer whose glass works continue to thrive. Interesting too were the textile pieces by Zoe Wright.

Esther Connon -Work in progress
Esther Connon -Work in progress

Before returning to the Melting Pot once again, I went into see the illustration work of Esther Connon and was much taken by her story of The White Butterfly which can be seen on I wondered if it would be possible to animate some of this according to the methods of  and this fascinating method may be seen both on videos on the papercinema site and on the community project in St Ives filmed earlier this year by my friend Alban. Altogether with the new building project at Krowji already under-way, great developments can be expected from this artistic phoenix rising from the ashes of the Grammar School at Redruth.

Click on Loop the Loop here:-





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