September-Hermann Hesse



Der Garten trauert,
kühl sinkt in die Blumen der Regen.
Der Sommer schauert
still seinem Ende entgegen.

Golden tropft Blatt um Blatt
nieder vom hohen Akazienbaum.
Sommer lächelt erstaunt und matt
in den sterbenden Gartentraum.

Lange noch bei den Rosen
bleibt er stehn, seht sich nach Ruh.
Langsam tut er die großen,
müdgewordenen Augen zu.

(Hermann Hesse, 1927)

The part of this poem which interests me, as I seek to improve my German, is at the end of the 2nd verse. “Sommer lächelt erstaunt und matt” –erstaunt suggests amazement but carries the feeling of marvelling as well. It has the feeling perhaps of being suddenly halted or cut short. matt can mean faint, soft and even languid. Gartenraum is simply within the space of the garden and of course nicely rhymes with Akazienbaum. I am completely taken with müdgewordenen and finishes the poem sweetly.


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