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Louise Thomas -The invention of the real

“Louise was born in 1984 in London she studied at Falmouth school of art in Cornwall graduating in 2007. She was immediately picked up by SAATCHI/channel 4 collaboration ‘Sensations’. She exhibited internationally living in Cornwall, London and Paris for a while. After a residency in Iceland and living with Nuns in a convent in central London she settled in Berlin in 2013 where she currently lives and works.”

Logan's Rock by Louise Thomas

The above is a quotation from the artist’s personal statement. Louise has lived in a number of interesting environments. I couldn’t help smiling, when she described how when homeless in London, she wrote around to numerous agencies and the only supportive assistance she received was from the convent. She is currently based In Berlin and has it happens in the long Sonnenallee – a location in East Berlin made famous by Thomas Brussig in his ironic and witty novel, which has now been made into a film and performed as a play at BTZ.

Am kürzeren Ende der Sonnenallee 

Ships that are Wrecks
Ships that are Wrecks

Currently, Louise Thomas has just completed a three month placement at Porthmeor Studios where her work has focussed largely upon an historical approach to the coastal landscape including ships and shipwrecks. About her work, Louise has written,”I construct magical realist narratives through collages, sculpture and painting. The enviroments or events depicted show contrast between real and magical elements. These elements are visible through my different methods of production and placement of resources. I find inspiration from a wide range of source material, from films I have made of abandoned interior spaces, to specific walking routes, to archive material of paintings hanging in museums. I perform extensive research and careful study of the subject matter, building a pool of scenarios to work from.”

“Through construction of models and collages I develop my ideas for painting. From the initial source material I make collages and if necessary bring in images from holiday brochures or photocopies from unique archives. I will research historic events, sourcing restoration records from museums or libraries. I usually end up with stage sets to play out scenarios. The models can be in clay, paper, plaster and other site specific materials. I work my way through various stages, addressing ideas of scale, colour, atmosphere until I find a valid reason to develop a painting. The historic elements run alongside fictional narrative I have developed; for example flooding the space, rebuilding it, imagining it thousand years from now or highlghting natural phenomenon.”

Lifesavers oil and Cornish china clay on two aluminium panels 60x40cm 2015
Lifesavers oil and Cornish china clay on two aluminium panels 60x40cm 2015




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