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Winterfeld Market,Berlin-a great experience

As most of Schoenefeld prepared for a huge Rainbow Festival, I ventured out into the neighbouring streets through Massenstrasse to the good-humoured crowd in Winterfeld Market. There was some comical exchanges between the punters and the stall holders. Myself, I was looking for a new and cheap hat to relieve the heat from the powerful Sun. There were plenty of hats on sale; I had lost a lovely hat that my daughter had given me in a windy day at Wansee when my beautiful, smart and I thought English looking hat was taken by a Windstoß or Böe blew my hat into a gated secluded villa. In the market there was a variety of hats for sale and yet more expensive at around 15 Euros than I wanted to pay-for just a few days. I thought I found what I was looking for only to discover it was fuer Kinder-and didn’t fit meine klein Kopf!W1

The variety of stalls with delicious cool fruit drinks, summer dresses, wurst stalls and varieties of olives, kebabs and much pickled cabbage on sale. The market is dominated by the lovely neo-Gothic St Matthias Church. In the heat, the smells from cooked meat and fish aded to the atmosphere. More details are at

Interesting too was the multi-culti feel of the area. Finding Buddhas in a row outside the Catholic Church was a thought-provoking experience. After turning the corner, there was a great trio of singers who sang in an interesting accent-one sounded Liverpudlian.Wy When they sang, “Bei Mir bist du Schoene”, a tune with a lot of personal feeling for me, I could not resist a few mostly joyful tears. The music in the open air was beautiful and another couple of ladies sang more songs which had a Klezmer feel. It appears that there is a lovely community theatre here under threat from more capitalist development. Community cultural developments like this are so important for people’s development and expression. What a really lovely day!W6WxW4

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