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Two poems about drinks!

From the interesting poem from by the Viennese poet Lili Grün.

Elegie to a cup Mocha (extract)

“My last boyfriend was a lawyer.
I am since that time against lawyers.
Lawyers are all false, heartless and wicked,
I can not hear this word, it makes me nervous.
Therefore I want for myself another admirer
For example, an elementary school teacher. “

Elegie bei einer Tasse Mokka (Auszug)



“Mein letzter Freund war ein Jurist.
Ich bin seit dieser Zeit gegen Juristen.
Juristen sind alle falsch, herzlos und bös,
Ich kann dieses Wort gar nicht hören, es macht mich nervös.
Darum wünsch` ich mir zum nächsten Verehrer
Beispielsweise einen Volksschullehrer.“

Now for something later in the day from a Latvian Romani Poet from


To Wine
Leksa Manush
Translated by A.Z. Foreman

A cup of wine does anything you will: 
It gives a manly courage to shy men,
And to the weakest man a strength of will.
Wine knocks strong men out cold beyond their ken. 

And wine bonds strangers unknown to each other. 
They sit as friends, and each one drinks his fill.  
With song, wine calls them up to dance together. 
A good life, lived with wine, is better still.  

Sons and daughters of the sun and earth!
The grape born of the vine has given birth
To wine, to make us happy and at home. 

May vineyards never empty of the vine
And may the jug forever fill with wine
To the happiness and health of every Rom. 

Or in Latvian-

Лекса МанушТахтай моляса, со камэс, кэрэл:
Ладжякунэскэ дэл о муршипэн,
Конэскэ зор нанэ, зоралипэн,
Кон зорало сас — мол лэс пэравэл.

Пхандэл ёй кхэтанэ бипинджярдэн,
Бэштэ, сар амала, тэ сако пьел.
Мол тэ кхэлэн гилэнца лэн кхарэл.
Бахталэдыр моляса джиипэн.

Кхамэски и пхувьяки чяёри,
Дракхэндар бияндёл ёй, молори,
Пэ бахт тэ лош дыны ёй си амэнгэ.

Мэ на чючёл дракхэнги барори!
Моляса тэ пхэрдёл дурулори
Пэ бахт тэ састыпэн сарэ ромэнгэ!

Leksa ManušTaxtaj moljása, so kames, kērel:
Lādžakuneske del o muršipen,
Koneske zor nane, zoralipen,
Kon zoralo sas — mol les pēravel.

Phandel joj khetane bipindžarden,
Bešte, sar amala, te sako pjel.
Mol te khelen gilenca len khārel.
Baxtaledîr moljasa džiipen.

Khameski i phuvjáki čhajōrí,
Drakhendar bijandźol joj, molōri,
Pe baxt te loš dînî joj si amenge.

Me na čučol drakhéngi bārōri!
Moljasa te pherdźol durulōri
Pe baxt te sastîpen sāre romenge!


By penwithlit

Freelance writer and radio presenter

3 replies on “Two poems about drinks!”

Interesting-it seems she has come to the fore recently. says something like:-
The Tageszeitung -columinist Deniz Yücel emphasized that one could regard Grün’s texts as “contemporary”. Their “precise and sensitive descriptions of urban life” are “humorous and self-ironic, slightly melancholic, quite keen and very touching.” Yücel writes that Grün’s work is “cooler than Mascha Kaléko , happier than Marieluise Fleißer , close to Irmgard Keun, and sometimes – as in a striking” dialogue with reflections “- also to Kurt Tucholsky. ”
I have been reading a little Theodor Kramer -her contemporary from Vienna. Thanks for that!

P.S. I must buy a copy of your book!

Lili Grün and her work was completly forgotten since 1945. I’m working about her biography and work since 2008/2009. I collected her novels, short stories and poems over the years by searching the 1920s newspapers, that were published in Berlin, Prague, Vienna etc. , and edited them step by step since 2009 .

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