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Above Porthmeor in St Ives

Penwithlit is George Care

George is a retired Physics teacher who lives in West Cornwall and is currently learning German. He is involved with several community projects, including Cornish history and besides book reviewing is striving to improve his language skills in Latin and French.

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intriguing website- certain clues led me not to be surprised at the identity of the compiler!

Discovered the blog via GC & Linked-In.
Loved the German & Russian poetry & the Russian art – also the comparisons between Rilke, Yeats
& Keats on the autumn themes. I would like to download the lot!!!

Excellent post on Orpen’s Leading the Life in the West. I’d be fantastically grateful if you could tell me anything about the location of his self-portrait you include at the end of your post, the rather modernist, stylized b/w one. I’ve never come across it before…

Thanks, if you ever do happen to recall/come across it, I’d always be interested in hearing about it. I have trawled through many Orpen self-portraits and never come across that one thus far.

Francesca, after further thoughts about this I am now pretty sure that this is a photoshop version of the 1913 Self-portrait called “Sowing New Seed” which was done in 1913 and is at The Saint Louis Museum.T his is at http://www.slam.org/emuseum/code/emuseum.asp?style=Browse&currentrecord=1&quicksearch=William%20Orpen

Two very good books on Orpen are “William Orpen, Politics, Sex and Death” published by Philip Wilson ISBN 0 85667 596 2 and a critical edition of his war memories “William Orpen-An Onlooker in France” published by Paul Holberton ISBN 978 1 903470 67 1

Vielen dank, George! Ich liebe Dich – Danke fur Ihr Verstandnis. A wonderful review of my intentions in Bronte Territories & its maternal legacy to the Brontes.- Melissa

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