The Expendable Man by Dorothy B Hughes

Dorothy B Hughes (1904-93) took a journalism degree in Kansas City, Missouri and started her distinguished career with a prize-winning book of poems. Her first hard-boiled thriller appeared in 1940 and it was followed by more than a dozen in the next decade. Three were made into noir films and in 1944 Hughes went toHollywoodto… Continue reading The Expendable Man by Dorothy B Hughes

Bardhonyeth Kernow,Poetry Cornwall (Volume 27)

This issue contains a wide variety of contributions from over sixty poets from Scotland(which also provides the lichen encrusted wheel arch cover image from Callander) to Germany, from Wales to Spain. Naturally the emphasis are on Cornish poems and it is the landscape of Kernow which provides the inspiration for many of these verses in… Continue reading Bardhonyeth Kernow,Poetry Cornwall (Volume 27)