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Krowji at Christmas Continued

At Krowji creativity is by no means confined to the painters, however splendid these may be. One of the most intriguing workshops is that of woodworker and  furniture designer Tom  Raffield His skills in the controlled forming of wood create geometrically interesting objects from elegant chairs, flourishing lampshades to plant pots. His pendants fashioned in ash are particularly decorative and captivating.

Lounge Daddy Chair by Tom Raffield
Pendants in ash

When it comes to prints, petroglyphs and paintings it is worth recalling what Peter Fox says about his inspiration that appears,” to grow from some substratum of myth and rough magic quite outside the currents of his time.” Drawing on Norse mythology such as that concerning the wolf child Fenrir, child of the trickster Loki, Fox has produced a series of captivating gouaches, which can be seen at He has also used slate and wooden frames to produce the petroglyphs and made many woodcuts on a variety of types of paper. Peter has  a lyrical approach to composition and colour; it is not surprising to discover that he is a member of the Latin-Cuban dance band, Quijada (Spanish for jawbone apparently),a five piece group playing irresistible salsa rhythms.

Loki by Peter Fox

Further down the corridor Naomi Singer’s translucent glass panels and tiles in lustrous olives, blues and aquamarines. She has perfected a technique which combines digital photography and water transfer paper to make stunning plates, bowls and coasters. Unfortunately, Naomi has recently broken her ankle in three places but is still turning out magnificent work which you can read about on her blog at Walking around her studio feels a little like being a fish swimming amongst underwater reeds, although these are mostly the botanic forms created from fennel, allium and ivy. Her satellite and other slumped dishes are particularly captivating as may be seen at

Coasters in Naomi Singer's workshop












Sharing display space with Naomi was the resin and silver jewellery of Hannah Mary whose inspiring rings have been displayed in Vogue magazine. These eye-catching pieces may be viewed at Hannah works in the inspiring setting of Gallery 2Wo in an ingenious collective at Jubilee Wharf in Penryn.

Lastly, no visit to this kind of event would be complete without a chat with and a viewing of the outré and individual prints  and book collections of Ros Williams or Marie-Louise Denny’s brilliant and original textile collection at

crazyladder from 100 Objects

Bird outside a cage by Ros Williams

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