Cornwall’s Oldest Road

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The Cornish Bird

The hedge towers above me, the moss is thick and bright green, lush ferns give the scene an ancient and almost topical feel. I am standing on Cornwall’s oldest ‘road’.

20160228_143413 (2)

This route once ran for 10 miles between Lerryn and Looe and was in use around 4000 years old.

The road cuts so deep down into the earth that I am standing on bedrock and that bedrock has a channel worn into it from hundreds of years of rainwater wearing its own path.  The level of the field I have just crossed to get here is high above me, perhaps as much as 9 or ten feet, it is no wonder that these banks that mark the route’s way have become known as the Giant’s Hedge.

In 2013 the newspapers reported that Britain’s oldest pavement had been found in Cornwall.   A cobbled track leading to the Hurler’s stone circle had been uncovered on Bodmin moor during…

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