Loveday and Ann: Two Women with a Basket of Flowers — Frances Hodgkins

Saw this painting yesterday in the St Ives Tate and followed up by reading about her time in Zennor with Cedric Morris. The painting actually looks more green than in the above -almost Veridian, I think. The perspective is slightly distorted but makes for an energetic composition, The left hand of the figure on the right looks talon-like and frankly ominous. It is clear that the fabric and design interests of this painter are central to her work. In front of the painting the bottom left hand corner seemed obscure. Looking at a smaller scale it is fairly clear this is the floral design of the end of the couch or sofa. It adds to the cosy connection between the women as does the flower basket. Sometimes the right-hand figure looks jolly at others somewhat manic! An interesting painting!


Loveday and Ann: Two Women with a Basket of Flowers 1915 by Frances Hodgkins 1869-1947Loveday and Ann: Two Women with a Basket of Flowers, 1915 by Frances Hodgkins (1869–1947)

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