The Balkans

One reason we need to stay in the E.U. is to contain and maintain dialogue in areas where local nationalisms are so strongly embedded.

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The Balkans are a fascinating part of Europe.
The Macedonians build a fountain and upset the Greeks. On the road to Lake Ohrid villages fly Albanian flags instead of Macedonian ones. Kosovan taxi drivers believe fundamentalists are being sponsored in their country by former foes. In Sarajevo, the place the First World War started is not easy to find, but evidence of more recent atrocities is.
Memories are long in The Balkans, contrasts and contradictions are all around. History is always in your face, reminding you nothing stays the same for long in this most fascinating corner of Europe.
In Croatia, Dubrovnik is so popular a one-way system is now in operation on the city walls. Kotor in Montenegro is quieter and has a more beautiful setting. These places show what can happen if the past can be forgotten and the present allowed to persevere.
This book will help explain why things are the way they are in a few short stories.

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