10 wise Italian proverbs

Interesting and mellifluous!

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Proverbs are around us in everyday life, so ingrained that we don’t even notice when we say them. Proverbs have been created to teach, educate and inspire and they are a great way to better understand culture.

This is why I have decided to gather 10 very wise Italian proverbs and show you the corresponding English one. Sometimes they are similar, other times very different, for sure reading them will enrich your day.

10 Italian proverbs to learn

Here are some very commonly used Italian proverbs if you incorporate them in your speaking, you will enhance your fluency and express yourself even better.

Chi tardi arriva, male allogia.

In English you can say The early bird gets the worm. Better to arrive early to get the best spot or best choice, this is the literal meaning.

A mali estremi, estremi rimedi.

In English you can say Desperate times call for…

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