#French Thérèse Raquin



  1. A cross between a crime fiction and fantasy novel
  2. Characters: Zola portrays an icy ménage à trois:
  3. Thérèse…her husband Camille and lover Laurent.
  4. Mme Raquin is Camille’s mother.
  5. Timeline: 6 years
  6. Plot:Crime passionnel” that changes the lovers
  7. ..and drives them into madness!
  8. Characters change:
  9. Laurent: heavy, hot-headed –> gets nervous, fearful, violent and criminal
  10. Thérèse: nervous, unsatisfied, passive  –>  strong and sensual woman
  11. Madam Raquin:  apathetic, quiet –> desperate and vengeful woman
  12. Camille: alive –> dead….killed in the water.

Last thoughts:

  1. The book is  very easy read.
  2. So easy that I could skim parts when
  3. Zola uses long-winded descriptions (signature style of his writing)
  4. …. and not miss a beat.
  5. It is a tale of  fiery passion, obsession, and
  6. the psychological aftermath

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