Jane’s Walks May 8, 2021

Some very lovely sketches here that all have a pleasant and relaxed feel. Well done indeed!

Urban Sketchers Edmonton

This week’s theme was “Jane’s Walks“, which celebrates the legacy and ideas of urban activist and writer Jane Jacobs by promoting walkable neighbourhoods, urban literacy and cities planned for and by people. This is a festival that takes place annually around the globe. Due to the pandemic, the Edmonton walks, as with many around the world, were self-guided and virtual this year. Urban Sketchers Edmonton could choose a walk and go there in person whenever we liked to choose one point or more along the walk to sketch.

Here are our sketches from the website walks, and some that we created ourselves. All wonderful walkable city sketches!

By Diane Smarsh

“Heritage Tree Avenue in the Highlands. The canopy is created by American Elms planted in 1957. This street is particularly beautiful in the fall and in December when all the neighbours string lights across!”

By Gordon Ramsey


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By penwithlit

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