In search of Hemingway and Midnight in Paris – The Full Story

Having read “Moveable Feast” quite recently, I am struck by how the scenes in that short memoir keep returning over and again.

French Travel Books - Paris, Provence & French Food & Wine

This is the FULL chapter from my book ‘A DREAM OF PARIS’

I know many of you have enjoyed the excerpt so here is the chapter in full

Alt="Interior photograph of Restaurant Verlaine with Ernest Hemingway in Paris France"
Restaurant Verlaine – Ernest Hemingway’s workplace Paris France

One of the most evocative books about Paris could be considered to be Ernest Hemingway’s ‘A Moveable Feast’. If ever I need inspiration to write about Paris or to make plans for another visit then that is the book that clinches my mood and motivation. It works every time for me even though you do have to take some of his Paris memoir writing with a reasonable sized pinch of salt. He paints such insightful but sometimes harshly unsympathetic portraits of the characters from the era, the writers and artists that dominated ‘20s Paris. Describing the life and ambiance of the city at that time period so well – he constructs a painting in…

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