2022 Historical Novel Prize winner

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The winner of the 2022 HNSA Historical Prize was announced last night…

*drum roll*

Corporal Hitler’s Pistol, by Tom Keneally, see my review

In a generous gesture, Keneally has chosen to share his prize (worth $50,000) He is giving $4000 each to the shortlisted authors Robyn Mundy (Cold Coast, see my review) and Geraldine Brooks. (Horse).You can read about this is in his acceptance speech at the HNSA website.

Update, later the same day, from the Guardian newspaper, with my apologies for my error.  The links are to my reviews.

“Receiving the prize, Keneally said he would give $4,000 (£2,200) to the six authors who made the ARA prize longlist: Karen Brooks, Lauren Chater, Steven Carroll, Portland Jones, Kim Kelly and David Whish-Wilson.

Geraldine Brooks and Robyn Mundy, who were also shortlisted with Keneally, already received $5,000 from the prize for their achievement.”

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