What Are Some Common Mistakes That Therapists Might Make? Part 1. By Dr Linda Berman

A considerable amount to ponder here. Some of these comments are in agreement with the considerable work of Betty Joseph.

imageAcrobat Falling. Everett Shinn. Wikioo.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”


We all make mistakes, and therapists are no different in this regard. Learning from these mistakes is a crucial way of developing and refining our skills, no matter how experienced we may be. We can find examples of this learning from  error through perusing the writings of many celebrated therapists throughout history.

Whatever our mistake, it is important to have awareness of what it might be about, and how it can reflect both the patient and the therapist. This can lead to more self-understanding for the therapist and, perhaps, further knowledge about the patient, or both.

For example, if we, as therapists, are talking more than usual, are we reacting to some internal pressure from the patient, to find answers, get it all right? If so, we will have…

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