Rentrée des Classes-U3a

Bent and bearded, distantly gathered in plush deep armchairs we blinked. Outside the hazy morning sunlight obscured the horizon. Inside, we calculated the cost of the room and for the fragile biscuits passed around. Cafeterias at elbows we made a stab at the Natural Rights of Man-the declared topic, “But what about animals?” one lady… Continue reading Rentrée des Classes-U3a

“Bronte Territories” by Melissa Hardie-an Appreciation

Wandering down Chapel Street in Penzance, you cannot fail to recognise that you have entered that part of town where history feels close-by. The sea in the distance, the church and the chapel architecture is impressive, the Turk’s Head Tavern and the baroque wonder of the Egyptian House, the Portuguese consulate and almost opposite the… Continue reading “Bronte Territories” by Melissa Hardie-an Appreciation