Reuven Rubin: Arab Woman With Potted Plant (1923)

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Screenshot_2018-12-03 rubin, reuven arab woman with a figures sotheby's n09959lotb23ften Reuven Rubin, (1893 – 1974), ARAB WOMAN WITH A POTTED PLANT (1923), signed Rubin (lower center), oil on canvas, 23 5/8 by 19 3/4 in., 60 by 50 cm, Source: Sotheby’s,

Distinctively Israeli

Reuven Rubin is the eighth of 13 children born to a Romanian Jewish Hasidic family. Jewish Virtual Library states, “Although born in Rumania and trained in art in Paris and Rumania, Reuven Rubin in many ways is a distinctly and distinctively Israeli artist. (JVL)

Although he spends his life traveling between Romania, Paris, New York, and Israel, Engel Gallery explains Rubin’s importance to Israel:

Reuven Rubin is a central figure in the canon of Israeli art, who [succeeds] in defining modern Eretz Israel’s visual essence, famed both in Israel and abroad. When he first set foot in Eretz Israel, Rubin’s dream [is] to create art which will link between European and Asian art, ancient…

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