Autumn Trees 2

Liked the Adrian Stokes who I recently discovered married the painter, Margaret Mellor and contributed much to St Ives modernism.

The Eclectic Light Company

In the first article of this pair, I showed a selection of some of the finest paintings of autumn trees from the middle of the nineteenth century up to 1894. Here I continue until around 1918. Enjoy even more!

lacombechestnutgatherers Georges Lacombe (1868–1916), Chestnut Gatherers (1893-4), oil on canvas, dimensions not known, Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, CA. Wikimedia Commons.

Georges Lacombe (1893-94), Chestnut Gatherers shows ‘mysterious’ woods in Brittany.

weirjfeastrocknewhaven John Ferguson Weir (1841-1926), East Rock, New Haven (c 1901), oil on canvas, 77.5 × 113 cm, Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, CT. Wikimedia Commons.

John Ferguson Weir (c 1901), East Rock, New Haven shows woods near New Haven, Connecticut, with the prominent ‘trap rock ridge’ of East Rock as their backdrop.

brendekildewoodedpathautumn Hans Andersen Brendekilde (1857–1942), Wooded Path in Autumn (1902), oil on canvas, 69.8 x 91.4 cm, Private collection. Wikimedia Commons.

Hans Andersen Brendekilde (1902), Wooded Path in Autumn shows woodland…

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