In Which I Forget The Times We Live In

I had a similar conversation with a 25 year old about Harold Wilson. She is reasonably well educated and quite interested in politics. What I find particularly concerning is the way films are unreliable as sources- yet much of my own recent knowledge of American History comes from films like “The Post” and “Chicago Seven”!

Badly Drawn Monkey

At some point this weekend, I had a discussion which left me reeling for a multitude of reasons.

There’s this game I play. The alliance I’m in has a WhatsApp chat group. Mostly we discuss our new creatures and raids. Sometimes we get more personal. One of our newer members is a youngling. He recently acquired a macaw. From the things he was saying, it very quickly became evident that he’s got this new family member without knowing a single thing about the creature he’s bringing in.

There were a few things which had my sirens blaring, like the fact this little featherling will be indefinitely caged because of the household’s dog and cats. In my personal opinion, if you have a dog and cats you think will go for the bird, why get the bird unless you can guarantee you can shut everything out for enough time each day…

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